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I’m a writer. I have always been a writer. I keep journals as a matter of routine, and frequently produce poems, stories, and informative pieces.

My measurable output from recent years can be classified either as creative or educational. The recent years of employment in language education have worked my grammar and usage muscles into peak condition, and I also provide proofreading services for students and professionals.

My best work is the newsletter - currently paused, perhaps to be resumed, eventually. Archives can be viewed here.

Creative Writing

I’m currently seeking a literary agent or publisher for my collection of romantic poems for the Tinder era. This collection is titled “I Swiped Right”, and it was methodically assembled from December 2018 to March 2019 while I was pursuing my first experiences in online dating.

Here are some past publications hosted on other people’s platforms:

A feature article on my singer/songwriter alter ego, published on The Tandem Ramble travel blog.

A live reading of my short story, Polymorphous Perverse, produced by avant garde artist Lala Eats Lala

A riff on the practice of songwriting, published by The Red Room, a cultural space and community

Live readings of my poems on two episodes of Radio Taiwan International, from January and April of 2018

Educational Writing


From 2018 – 2019, I wrote simple articles for English learners, which were published in IVY League Enjoy English magazine, and hosted an online radio show in which I discussed and expanded on the topics covered in the articles.

You can watch a video presentation featuring an article that I wrote on the Ivy League YouTube Channel.



live imaginatively

make things that I like

get wonderful energy and become more charming person

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