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Here’s a succinct summary how I became what I am:

~ if reading isn’t your thing, listen to me tell most of this story on a podcast ~ 

I grew up in the small prairie town of Gimli, Manitoba. It was a glorious place to be a child, with sweet summers on the local beach and long winters to wander through the pages of novels. I was born to hard-working educators who encouraged me to pursue my creative interests, and invested consistently in my development. 

I have always harboured a restless heart, and living in a quiet rural environment provided me with ample time and space for dreaming. There were role models in my extended family who traveled the world and brought back stories and trinkets that inspired my curiosity. At age nineteen, lacking direction for post-secondary studies, I packed a bag and began to live on the move.

There was never any plan for this phase of travel. I made my decisions one at a time, and it turned into five years of globetrotting (2009 – 2014). I spent time in North America, Africa, Europe and Asia, following my instincts and taking whatever recommendations came to me. I worked many different jobs during that time, both as a volunteer and a paid employee. I thought of this time as my education, and did my best to make the most of it. I lived in a few different languages, developed a tendency for minimalism, and gathered priceless information and experiences through the pursuit of my various passions.

Eventually, I landed in Taipei. Which is to say, many forces conspired to keep me in Taipei for the next period of five years (2014 – 2019). I worked primarily as a private tutor of English and a performing musician, in addition to other odd jobs across the spectrum of education and entertainment. I benefitted immensely from the community of creative people on the island of Taiwan, who provided me with incredible opportunities for personal and professional development throughout that time.

For the last five years, my life has been in an absolute salad spinner of optimal confusion. What happens next? Time will tell.


I’m probably somewhere in North, South, or Central America, probably doing something that I like. You can find more recent updates on my social media accounts.



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