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I’m a musician. I have always been a musician. Music is a useful frame for understanding the world and an easy way to make friends. I’ve been active in songwriting, recording, and performance for many years. Here is some online documentation:


Radio Rose
Radio Rose is my singer/songwriter alter ego. 
Recordings from my home studio in Taipei are here.
Formative years as a traveling minstrel are here.
Videos are hosted on Vimeo


Also known as i’m difficult, 我是機車少女 is an experimental pop band based in Taipei, and a 5 EP project. 
Hear the EPs on Bandcamp


Twangover was a hard-livin’, tough-talkin’, whiskey-drinkin’ rock n’ roll band, active in Taipei from 2016 – 2018.
Hear our albums on Spotify and check out our Youtube Channel


Formosa Klezmopolitans
Taipei’s only klezmer band from 2017-2018, we produced one live album and some nice videos


La Cumbia Del Sol
The band that started it all for me in Taipei, La Cumbia Del Sol was an impressive assembly of international characters playing mostly original compositions by Fao Torres.
We’re on Spotify



live imaginatively

make things that I like

get wonderful energy and become more charming person

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