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I’m a dancer. I have always been a dancer. This journey started with years of formal training, which still serves me well as I step lively on floors around the world. Now, I use dance as a form of creative expression, a method of maintaining fitness, as a social behaviour, and as a way of accessing spirit. Recently, I’ve developed this thing that I love into something that I can share.


Bodywave is a creative movement workshop that draws on my experience in music, dance, yoga, and language to create a coherent flow of guided motion.

Each edition of the workshop features a playlist of music from around the world, and each song is paired with one activity. Participants are given simple directions for focus and execution, ultimately traveling through diverse states of mental and bodily awareness.

The focus of the workshops is on authentic expression and experience, dissolution of inhibition, and playfulness.

The first edition of Bodywave was hosted by Oceansound Yoga Festival (Taiwan) in 2017, and the most recent at Otherworld (Vancouver Island) in 2023.



live imaginatively

make things that I like

get wonderful energy and become more charming person

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What People Say:

"I experienced Bodywave at a point in my life when I was very lost in my head and in my emotions. In that one hour I was gently guided through the ups and downs of many emotions; I laughed and I cried. In the end found my way back to my happy place, the calm centre that we all possess but lose track of."

— Nicole Stalder, aerialist with Arcadia Seattle


"Bodywave by Rose has consistently been one of the most fantastic and anticipated activities at Oceansound Yoga Festival. Rose's ability to energize a crowd and activate motion is magnificent and not to be missed!"


Chris W. Hubbard, co-founder of Oceansound Yoga Festival 

"Bodywave seeks to drag you from your office chair and whirl you into a fresh experience. It longs to sync your soul with rhythms and to clear your mind with exercises designed to connect the flowing energies of your mind, body and soul. It's truly an experience that both elates and alters you. Bodywave is more than just a movement workshop. It's a spiritual experience channeled through your body." 

— Amber Hinton, performer with Danger Squish

"Rose is a truly talented and one of a kind human being. I have worked with her many times in the past few years and have incredible respect for her craft. As the co-founder of Oceansound Yoga Festival in Taiwan, I invited Rose to create and lead a couple of classes for us. She combined her passion for music, dance, and yoga into a unique class called BodyWave. This class was extremely popular and so we invited her back for the second year of the festival. The second year, she refined her classes even more and again taught one of our most popular and successful classes. I have also worked with Rose on her music projects as well. I had the honor to shoot and edit three of her music videos. She is not only a unique and creative individual, but she's also very professional and organized. She had all the details of each shoot well thought out but was also flexible enough to roll with the punches when needed. These skills of hers truly made it a great honor to work with her. I always look forward to each project we have together."

-- Carolyn Lu, co-founder of Oceansound Yoga Festival

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